telling the story

Over the summer we’ve been telling the story of God at Grace.  It’s been awesome.  We’ve been exposing people to the Bible in a story format in order to find their story in it.

This is such a big difference from how we usually approach our story.

Last weekend the NY Times Magazine cover article was called My Life in Therapy.  The author was recounting her 40 years in therapy to help her cope with who she is.  It was one of the most narcissistic articles that I’ve ever read.  The self absorption was so profound that I struggled to read her journey.  She was trying to find her story in therapy with frustrating results. (both to her AND the reader)  It is worth the read simply to understand what happens when we become so obsessed with ourselves.

Jesus gave us a diametrically opposite view of finding yourself.  Matthew 10:39 states, Whoever finds his life will lose it, and whoever loses his life for my sake will find it.

The paradox of Christianity is when you stop looking for yourself and begin to look for God you will find your life.  Since God created us, doesn’t this make sense?  The One who knows us best is the One who made us.  To think that the deep exploration of our souls will bring us to awareness is a mythology of psychology that is economically convenient for the therapist.

I’m not against psychology.  We really need it!  It is a powerful discipline to help us face the affects of a broken world.  Psychology can give us tools for coping, but it cannot give us the power of renewal.  That is in the hands of God.

Telling the story of God helps us find our story.  As we understand who God is and what He has done, we are strangely warmed in our hearts.  Why?  The seeds of creation call us forward into destiny.  As we understand that God raised Jesus from the dead, it gives us hope that as we lose our lives, we too, can experience resurrection life – and that is the life that we were created to live.  Not of our own awareness, but of the awareness of a God who loved us so much that he took the pain of a broken world upon Himself on the cross in order to give us life today.  This allows us to acknowledge our brokenness without losing hope that God is greater than our pain.

So learn the story of God.  Tell it to others.  You might be amazed how much you learn about yourself.  As you are willing to let it saturate your soul, you also may be amazed by how it can lift you up from your phobias into healing and strength.  The gospel IS the power of God unto salvation.  We just need to keep telling the story…


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